The App Where Ideas Matter

Introducing Vidonado, a video social network where ideas do the talking.

How is different?

Video Only

You can only post videos to Vidonado. This makes your online presence a more interactive experience.

2 Camera Vids

Create innovative ideas using two cameras asynchronously and share the moment in a more sophisticated way.

Vid Ideas

That special selfie you always try to record… Create a vid idea and introduce your idea to others. Shape the world around you.


How do you mostly cheer a good video? You clap. Clap for the vids you like and see how others responded to your vids.


Check out the vids, vid ideas and hashtags which are trending around the globe and create the next big video trend.

As Simple as it Gets

You will be amazed how simple Vidonado’s interface is. Install and interact. As simple as that.

Download & Go Viral

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