The Idea

Originally we as people communicate, in order to share experiences together. This includes telling friends about the trends in the world of online communication. While the online branch of our social interactions is growing rapidly, we are forgetting the very core concept of social interaction; sharing ideas.

What we are witnessing today is a growing number of internet content being created on social media every minute. In contrast to traditional social media Vidonado’s purpose is not solely consuming content, but implementing a framework for innovative minds to lead the way in content creation.
Using Vidonado’s unique features, users can create video challenges, video attendees lists for events, special 2 camera selfies and much more.

The Team

Amin Akbari – Founder of Vidonado

Amin Akbari is the founder of Vidonado, a video social networking platform focusing on ideas rather than content itself.
Prior to founding Vidonado, Amin has been working on various projects such as Themultilife a social networking website aiming at removing our language barriers communicating online.
Amin is a native of Tehran, Iran and is based in Hannover, Germany.