For an event to succeed, it is not always about the number of attendees who joined it. The more engaged your audience is and the more connections are built between the attendees, the better your event will be evaluated. Audience engagement is a key factor for your event’s success.

There are many advices online on how to engage the audience both pre and during the event. The most important ones are:

  • Create social media presence describing the content of your event.
  • Create a specific twitter hashtag.
  • Ask the attendees questions on the online platform.
  • Ask for the attendee’s feedback about the presenters.

This all should be taken care of because it is definitely in your interest to have attendees who will also join the future events you hold. For that to happen the above points would be crucial to your success.

What I have personally witnessed in every networking event I attended is the fact that with attendees being total strangers, starting a conversation is somehow forced to them. Although everyone is there to connect and build up connections, the conversations are not natural. Talking to someone without knowing anything about them, creates a very strange feeling. Going through the list of attendees before the event, still doesn’t give us a personal touch about what we could be expecting when talking to that attendee in person.

There is a solution to this:

Audience engagement could be skyrocketing:

If all the attendees would introduce themselves and/or answer some basic questions about what they do and why they are joining the event in a short video, it all would become much easier and the audience engagement could be skyrocketing. Here is where Vidonado comes in play.
In case you don’t know what Vidonado is:
Vidonado is a video social network where you could create and share videos based on video ideas others have created or create video ideas yourself.
Here Vidonado can be used as a crucial tool for your marketing efforts.

You, as the organizer of the event can create a video idea (consisting of a name, a 1 minute video and a short recording instruction). In the idea, you will tell a bit about yourself and the event. You can also ask the attendees a few questions.

This is the Vid idea instruction page. Touch the “X time taken” button on the bottom of the screen to see the list of Videos which are based on this idea.

After creating the idea, you will receive a unique web link through the vid idea instruction page which you could use to share the idea with your attendees. By clicking on the link, the users will be prompted to install the App and create a video based on your idea where they will introduce themselves and answer your questions. They will then write a description about their video and add corresponding hashtags(#hashtags) to it.

Through the video idea instruction page, every user will be able to scroll through all the videos which are based on your idea. They can also use the search function on the same page to search all of those videos using hashtags. Using Vidonado, they will start building up connections right through the app. This could also create a nice buzz for your event before it officially starts.

The unique marketing effect for you as the holder of the event and the creator of the video idea is the following:
All of the videos which are based on your idea, will have the original idea shared with them. This in turn is another opportunity for you to be known to a wider range of users.

Vidonado is available on the google play store for download.

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