In the last few years, there has been a significant boost in the time we all invest in social media. While we are getting used to this new lifestyle, having an eye on the future of social media could be especially crucial for business owners and social media activists who are seeking to keep their users engaged to their products and services while staying on the edge of technology.

So let’s take a look at some of the alternatives which come to mind when thinking about the future of social media.

There are 3 Alternatives for the Future of Social Media

1. Social media becomes corporate media

If you navigate to the trending pages of conventional social networks like Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, the most followed users are always celebrities and those who are working in the entertainment industry. As an example, the most followed users on Twitter are Katy Perry and Justin Bieber followed by Barack Obama, Taylor Swift and Rihanna. These users are mostly followed because they create a lot of interesting content and the majority of their followers are definitely not celebrities themselves. With time, like many old industries in the offline world, creating content is becoming a profession. This means that amateur content does not come near professional content in terms of quality. This could go on and on in the coming years. Finally, social media could become like the media industry today. A monopoly of creators, nobody can come near.

2. Social media loses its importance

How much time would you spend on social media each and every day? 10 years ago, it was very unlikely that you would answer the question with an average of 2 hours per day. This makes an average of 5 years and 4 month in a lifetime. Before this, we would have spend more time thinking by ourselves or socializing in person. It could be that we feel that this time, is a time lost. This theory is very unlikely because social media has made communication easier but well we can always theories alternatives.

3. Content creation becomes democratised

A few years ago there was a movement in the business world which emphasized the importance of innovation in the business world. This movement became the startup community. It’s said that by observing the markets you can foresee the future.

One of the other alternatives for the future of social media could be the rise of innovation in a single users interaction with others. Instead of consuming content, users would start creating and innovating. This could only be reached if the startup tech industry pushes more towards innovation in the social media. Everyone should have the same opportunities in reaching others. Today, weather on youtube or any other social network the only value is how well known the poster is and not the value if the post itself.

At Vidonado, we are trying to bring value to ideas. As the internet quality is improving every day, the number of videos being created is increasing as fast.

Vidonado is a video social networking platform where users can either share their moments by recording videos based on video ideas others have created or create ideas for others to record videos based on. Using Vidonado any creative mind can create the next big social network trend. For more info, you can check out our blog post “Vidonado the video social network where Ideas matter”.

Vidonado is available on the google play store for download.


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