Long before the selfie video and before smartphones take over our world, I saw the first selfie of my life. At that time, digital cameras were about to become a device anybody would have liked to possess one. I remember, my father having bought our first digital camera. It was one of those 0.3 megapixel ones. The photos were as if you were watching the scene through a misty window. Blurred and with today’s standards, not acceptable at all.
One day, as he came back from a walking tour in the mountains of northern Tehran, he showed me the photos he took while climbing the mountain. One of the photos made me and the rest of the family laugh hard. It was the first selfie I had ever seen.

Through the next years, smartphones slowly became popular and social networks started to gain ground. This lead to a universal urge in creating content which is interesting and not boring to watch. Therefore, as our human nature suggests, we all started to innovate on how we could share the moment in a different and a more special way.
Selfie photos were a bit strange at the start it had a kind of selfish feeling to it. I remember my friends talking about “those strange guys who shoot photos of themselves”. With time, that very same friends were posting selfies all over social networks.

This is exactly how we react to new ideas. If they are a bit strange and we are not totally familiar with them, we do not understand them. But as soon as we try it out, we somehow get used to them and start to make sense of them. This was exactly the case with selfies.
With technology advancing each and every day, we are facing new ideas being developed to help us share the moment with friends, loved ones and in the last two years the general public. If you are interested in some of the alternatives for the future of social media, we have covered that in a previous post.

Today, one of the main trends in the world of technology are video social networks. They are gaining ground these days, because people have more bandwidth at hand to view and upload videos. People have already started to adapt to this new way of sharing content. One of the most used are selfie videos.

Recording a selfie video is a bit different than capturing a selfie photo. Photos are static and are just one moment. They are one short snapshot of our lives but a video is a sum of those moments together. Therefore a selfie video needs to have something special to it. How about smiling into the  camera for a few seconds trying not to move your hand? Well, I don’t really think this would be that fun.

The selfie video idea “VidSpin by @Vidonado”

VidSpin by @Vidonado is one of the ideas we had a while back. It is a selfie video where you lineup with friends and start recording using the front camera. Slowly, you start to spin around your own axis and you gradually speed it up. After a few seconds and with enough speed, you will be the only one left in the frame.

I took a few of these while I was traveling with friends. With the idea being online on Vidonado, others are starting to record videos based on it, adding their personal touch to the idea. You can see those vids on the vid idea instruction page of the app.

If you have a brilliant selfie video idea, post it in the comments section. I’m sure there are many people searching for impressive video ideas for their next selfie video.
With your idea, maybe this time I will be the one who shows my father the next trend of the online world.

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